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In this series, Discere co-founders, Shyam, Joao and Jon interview different experts across a breadth of various industries with years of experience under their belts. We try to explore they perspective on their industry and learn a little more about their journey so that hopefully you, too, can cast a new light on your own journey.

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Episode 23: Johannes Romer – Consultant and Coach, M2 Mind Matters, Germalkota Insights With Experts – by Discere

Johannes has centered his life around three main aspects; Consulting, Coaching and People. After studying consumer psychology in LMU Germany, Johannes went on to pursue work in the fields of business, manufacturing and consulting. Even afterwards, he got an MSc in Coaching and Consulting from the HEC school of management and Oxford University. His work as a consultant has taken him all over the globe in places such as Hong Kong, Singapore, New York and Malaysia. Currently, Johannes finds himself directing M2 MindMatters and Germalkota.
  1. Episode 23: Johannes Romer – Consultant and Coach, M2 Mind Matters, Germalkota
  2. Episode 22: Jacob Ner-David – Founder at Vinsent, Vinoventures and Jezreel Valley Winery
  3. Episode 21: Daniel Gefen – Best Selling Author, Top 100 Podcast Host
  4. Episode 20: Chris Anthony – Founder of Teachers on Wheels
  5. Episode 19: Caryn Sowa- Project Manager at the Freedom Project

Latest Interviews

Harnessing our Experiences – Martin Foakes

Who? Mr Foakes is an explorer, environmentalist and outdoor education coordinator. Currently acting as head of outdoor education for Tanglin Trust School, Foakes has a long history of developing and delivering outdoor and adventure experiences for students of all ages. These of which involve activities such as Rocking Climbing, Caving, Trekking and Wild Camping. Through […]

Going in 100% – Dan Swift

Who? Dan Swift is CEO of Empire Selling, a digital sales training and transformation company. Dan has over 20 years of leadership experience spanning sales, marketing, and business development, having successfully launched LinkedIn’s flagship product Sales Navigator and catapulted social media management technology Sprinklr to a $2bn valuation. With an emphasis on ‘bringing the human […]

Enacting Genuine Change – Jack Sim

Our podcast can also be listened to here. Who? Mr Jack Sim, or globally known as ‘Mr Toilet’, is the founder of the World Toilet Organisation (WTO). By the age of 40, he had set up 16 profitable businesses and chose to retire, switching his focus to pursuing more social work. In this time, he […]

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